About Us

Ti Amo - Thought to be the most romantic words of all time- meaning "I Love You"
I love you - Known in so many languages!
Ti Amo I love you wanted to convey a message of Love to All!
Each person is a unique individual that is a daughter or son of God so worthy of love!


Dearest Customer,

I wanted to design an exclusive brand of clothing and shoes that were unique with a touch of whimsy that conveys love to all people everywhere! Wear our hearts and when someone asks you about them, you too can convey a message of love to others and pass it forward!

When I first started designing, I designed a lot of patterned items that matched.  My Daughter, suggested solid colors.  I thought of my mother, who was a window coordinator and art department head for J.C. Penny’s on 5th Avenue in New York City. She taught me to love color and match impeccably. When my oldest daughter, was young and I asked her what her favorite color was she replied, 'Rainbow" as she loved every color.   With that in mind, I designed a line of clothing that you can match your bag to your shoes or your yoga top and pants to your yoga mat and so much more! If you search for say bags you see we make just about every color under the sun. We can also match a tough color if you email us a picture and can send you back links to items that match.  Just tell us what you are looking for!

If you choose a color on the menu item "I love the color..." you can find matching coordinates. We have over 20,000+ unique items in our brand and also carry other wonderful brands.  We have 1000's of colors! What are your favorite colors?

We are adding new products every day so check back often!

If something isn't right we will do our very best to make it right.

While we are predominately a woman's clothing store we also carry some Baby, Toddler, Kids, Teens, Men's items as well some Jewelry, Pet items and Items for your home!

For help, please contact us at customerservice@tiamoiloveyou.com

For help with your existing order, please contact orders@tiamoiloveyou.com

Thank you for shopping with us!


Ti Amo I love you!

If you are having a bad day, reach out and we'll help you feel loved!